Konica Minolta Canvas

At the end of the month I will be going to On Demand in Philly. I will be going to support my companies products and even help showcase a few of them. This quickly reminded me of Vision 2009 and the fun myself and some co-workers had waiting around to talk to customers. Instead of playing tick-tac-toe or Solitaire we used a product which will be released soon by KMBS. Simply put, the product is awesome. It has a lot of potential for growth, but at the moment it serves two purposes:

  1. Define Workflows for Printgroove
  2. Draw Process Diagrams

A normal workflow might look like:


You can also create cool diagrams – or in this case a Shipping Label:


However, with a little bit of creativity and boredom you can create some pretty crazy things:




Please note, these drawings are not my sole creation. They are the result of a few people in my department having fun.